Toolset is a suite of WordPress plugins for creating custom fields, Custom Post Types, custom taxonomies, display templates, Gutenberg blocks, and for advanced usage.
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This is a suite of plugins with the core functionality for creating custom fields, Custom Post Types, and custom taxonomies. Toolset is focused on Custom Post Types and their display, so it makes sense that it is the most comprehensive solution. It includes Types for creating Custom Post Types and adding custom fields, Views for creating templates using HTML and Bootstap, and Blocks for creating content templates and custom displays using Gutenberg. There is also a WooCommerce blocks plugin, a maps plugin and a forms plugin for front-end submissions, along with other plugins for things like access management. Toolset includes the ability to create front-end filters and complex displays with conditional logic.

Toolset has been focusing on its Gutenberg integration and its Blocks plugins allows you to use Gutenberg for creating theme templates. There are walkthrough course showing you how to build different types of sites. This documentation approach is interesting and helpful. The support team is well trained and responsive.

Toolset - The Good

You can use Toolset to extend built-in post types and you can also use it to create templates for them.
The post relationship features are sophisticated, use database tables, and I suspect are the most performant for large complex projects.
Toolset comes with Gutenberg blocks, no need to create them. Toolset Blocks also extends core blocks and some third-party block addons with the ability to access and display custom fields.
Toolset is actively developed and has good support.
Toolset offers a complete solution from CPT creation and supports complex display requirements.
Toolset plugins are GPL.

Toolset - The Bad

The Toolset documentation can be difficult to find.
While Toolset handles more complex scenarios than other options, edge cases will require being a power user or developer to realize.
Toolset is supported by a number of page builders, but Toolset recommends keeping Toolset pages and page builder pages separate.
Toolset says that the Full Site Editor is a competitor in core and so has announced that it is pausing new development for 18 months and will then decide how to proceed.
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