Stackable Blocks is a Gutenberg plugin with good support for custom fields and the Full Site Editor.
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Stackable Blocks is a Gutenberg addon that provides features for working with dynamic data. It supports ACF, Meta Box, and Toolset custom fields, allowing you to use Stackable in Gutenberg-based theme builders as well as in the core Full Site Editor.

Many of the Stackable Blocks are "composite" blocks built up of other blocks. This provides a lot of flexibility as they can easily be modified or extended.

Stackable - The Good

Stackable is one of the few blocks plugins that currently works in the Full Site Editor.

Stackable - The Bad

Stackable does not come with its own classic or block-based theme which means it always needs to be paired with a third party offering.
In the past large updates have broken pages created using Stackable.
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