Oxygen is a WordPress plugin that includes a page builder and theme template builder.
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Oxygen is a somewhat unique combination of theme template builder and page builder that takes over and replaces the theme.  Of all of the plugins in the builder class, Oxygen is one of the most developer focused and includes a code block for custom PHP and a PHP callback function for working with advanced field types.  It has a WooCommerce addons and a Gutenberg block builder.

Oxygen includes a number of advanced features for working with WordPress dynamic data. There are flexible dynamic display options and you can use custom fields in the display logic. There is a code block that accepts PHP so that it is easy to integrate WordPress functions in your templates. Most of the elements in the builder allow the use of tokens and custom fields. The Repeater element lets you easily output values from custom repeater fields.


Oxygen has a Repeater Element that is basically a loop builder. The Repeater Element also works nicely with ACF and Meta Box repeater fields.

Oxygen - The Good

Oxygen is actively developed.
It has a very active Facebook community and a growing third party addon market.
Oxygen has good documentation and video library.
The template system is very flexible and it is possible to include custom fields in archive templates.
Oxygen is known for outputting straight HTML without a lot of the extra elements. Sites created with Oxygen generally score well on the various speed tests.
Oxygen is GPL licensed.

Oxygen - The Bad

Has a steeper learning curve than other theme builders.
Requires power user or developer skills to make full use of the available options.
The company launched another, easier to use, page builder. Oxygen is built on older technology and the team says it is difficult to update.
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