Meta Box allows you to create custom fields, assign them to post types, and input them on the admin edit screen. You can create Gutenberg blocks with PHP and Views templates using twig.
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Meta Box

With Meta Box you can create custom fields, Custom Post Types, and custom taxonomies. There are more than 47 field types and 31 plugin extensions, covering the range from front-end submissions to custom database tables on the back-end. It has the ability to create Blocks using PHP. It also has a Views extension for creating template for displaying custom fields and Custom Post Types on the front-end.

Meta Box is very developer focused.  You can export your Custom Post Types and fields to code and put them in your child theme‚Äôs functions.php file or a plugin.

The number of tools that support Meta Box have increased over the last couple of years.

Meta Box - The Good

Meta Box focuses on being light weight and modular.
Meta Box has the option to save custom fields using database tables instead of Post Meta.
Meta Box plugins are actively developed and well supported.
Meta Box has good documentation.
The Meta Box team has created their own extensions for use with Beaver Themer or Elementor Pro.
Meta Box is GPL licensed.

Meta Box - The Bad

The community of users is small and there are not many tutorials and videos.
Meta Box is only officially supported by Brizy Pro.
Can require working more directly with PHP code than other solutions.
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