The Kadence Theme and Kadence Blocks provide a Gutenberg based theme builder solution.
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Kadence Theme Builder

The professional version of the Kadence Theme comes with an Elements feature that lets you create theme templates. Combined with the pro version of Kadence Blocks, which supports ACF dynamic data, and you have a complete theme builder solution.

Kadence Blocks can be used with any theme, but the Kadence theme has deep support for them and Gutenberg styles are synced with Customizer settings. The Kadence Theme and Kadence Blocks are frequently updated and enhanced with new features. A community of loyal users has grown quickly around this solution.

Kadence Theme Builder - The Good

The Kadence theme builder includes support for conditional content display.
Kadence is easy to use and popular among site builders.

Kadence Theme Builder - The Bad

Kadence Elements do not allow you to use PHP code, which would make the solution more flexible.
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