Elementor Pro is a WordPress page builder that includes the ability to create templates for Post Types.
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Elementor Pro

Elementor is the most popular WordPress page builder.  There is a free version and a premium Pro version.  Elementor Pro includes a Theme Builder, a Form Builder, and a Popup Builder. The theming features are easy to use.  You can create singe and archive templates as well as headers and footers.  The theming features work with most themes. The theme building feature allows you to use dynamic data and custom fields in your templates. You can create templates for Custom Post Types.

The free version of Elementor has no theming ability and does not provide access to dynamic data. There are some Elementor adds that give access to dynamic data, include a theme builder, and work with the free version of Elementor. Meta Box has its own third party extension that provides limited access to Meta Box fields.

Elementor Pro - The Good

There are a huge number of online resources and tutorials, there is a large online community, and there are many third party addons available.
Elementor Pro gets updates and new features regularly.
Elementor is well documented.
Elementor Pro is GPL licensed.
There are a large number of predesigned templates for Elementor Pro and new ones are added monthly.

Elementor Pro - The Bad

Updates have been known to cause issues.
It is not possible to use custom fields in archive templates.
Elementor tends to output a lot of HTML elements, CSS, and JavaScript, making for large page sizes.
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