The Divi Builder is a page builder for the content area of your website. now also has the ability to create theme templates.
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Divi Builder

The Divi Builder is one of the first page builders. It is integrated with the Divi and Extra themes or available as a stand-alone plugin. Divi added a Theme Builder component late 2019 which provides the ability to create the full range of theme templates, including headers and footers.

Divi appeals to designers and frequently releases free templates, including theme templates, so that it is easy to find ones that works with a wide variety of niches. While Divi is a general purpose theme, Extra is a magazine style theme that has some additional features, such as a rating module and archive builder.

The Divi Builder is integrated into the Divi and Extra themes. The stand-alone plugin lets users switch themes without losing content.

Divi Builder - The Good

Divi seems to be easily learned by non-web professionals.
Divi is still under active development with frequent new features.
Divi is very popular, there are some third-party addons, and a number of active user groups.
There are a lot of predesigned templates and new ones are released regularly.
Divi is GPL licensed.

Divi Builder - The Bad

The Divi team has started to address performance issues, but there is still a ways to go.
The Divi Builder does not allow you to add custom fields to archive layouts.
There are no conditional display logic options.
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