Cwicly is an advanced toolkit that includes a theme and plugin. You can create theme templates using the Full Site Editor.
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The Cwicly toolkit includes a theme and a plugin. The theme is a blank slate block-based theme for use with the Full Site Editor. The plugin provides a "themer" area, where you can create your theme templates using the Full Site Editor. It also has a role editor for controlling access to features, a large number of Gutenberg blocks, and a greatly enhanced Gutenberg editor. You can use Cwicly for regular content creation, but the real strength is that it greatly enhances the Full Site Editor.

Cwicly is evolving rapidly with frequent updates and enhancements. It is slowly beginning to gather recognition.

Cwicly - The Good

Cwicly is an advanced editor that greatly enhances the Full Site Editor and Gutenberg. It includes support for Flexbox, CSS Grid, global styles, a query builder, repeaters, conditional display logic and many more advanced features.
Cwicly includes a copy of Advanced Custom Fields pro.

Cwicly - The Bad

Cwicly can be difficult to get started with. There are not many tutorials. Changes are being introduced rapidly and in many cases the UI changes.
The templates in the design library are not very exciting and need to be reworked.
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