The Crocoblock suite includes plugins for creating custom fields, Custom Post Types, custom taxonomies, as well as single and archive templates.
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Crocoblock JetEngine

Crocoblock is a suite of plugins / an add-on packages for the Elementor page builder.  It includes a theme and template library in addition to working with dynamic data. The suite uniquely includes a plugin called JetEngine, which allows you to create Custom Post Types and custom fields and another plugin JetThemeCore for creating templates.  So, the suite covers both creating Custom Post Types and creating templates. JetSmartFilters provides front-end filters for listings. JetEngine, JetThemeCore, and JetSmartFilters now work for creating Gutenberg templates as well as listings for use in Gutenberg.

Crocoblock continues to releases Gutenberg versions or expand their plugins to work with Gutenberg. They now have a theme builder for Gutenberg. The Crocoblock suite also works with Elementor free version (works with Pro but doesn’t require it).

Crocoblock JetEngine - The Good

The Crocoblock suite works with Elementor free version (works with Pro but doesn’t require it) and has a lifetime license option.
The plugins are GPL licensed.
The team releases updates and new features regularly and there is a very active Facebook group.
Crocoblock has an extensive documentation and video library.

Crocoblock JetEngine - The Bad

Some of the advanced usage options are difficult to figure out.
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