Brizy Pro is a page builder that includes the ability to create content templates.
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Brizy Pro

Brizy Pro is a WordPress page builder from the team behind ThemeFuse. It has the ability to create templates for Custom Post Types, single and archive displays, as well as header and footer templates.  Brizy is easy to use and has a strong design focus. Of all of the page builders Brizy has the widest support for custom field providers, supporting ACF, Meta Box, Pods, and Toolset.

A unique feature of Brizy is that it has integrations with the Brizy Cloud hosting service. You can synchronize between the WordPress and Cloud versions. Another interesting feature is that you can export from the cloud version directly to HTML. The WordPress version includes access to the cloud version.

Brizy has a cloud version, Brizy Cloud, which is a limited hosted solution.

Brizy Pro - The Good

Brizy is easy to use with lots of design focused features.
Brizy has some membership features that allow you to segment content by user role.

Brizy Pro - The Bad

When creating templates with Brizy some dynamic elements are not rendered in the editor, only on the front-end, making it harder to create the desired layouts.
Some longstanding bugs have not been addressed.
The Brizy team has refused to attach a license to Brizy Pro but have said it is probably not going to be GPL.
A third-party API has not been released with the result that there are no third-party addons.
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