Beaver Themer is a Beaver Builder add-on that allows you to create templates for your post types.
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Beaver Themer

With Beaver Themer you create templates using the familiar Beaver Builder interface, making it one of the easiest theme builders.  Themer allows you to create custom headers and footers, but you will need a theme that has Themer support for these. It was one of the first theme builders and is still one of the easiest to use. In addition to support for creating templates using dynamic data, it also provides conditional display options. This solution is known as one of the most stable options available and rarely has any update bugs or security issues.

Meta Box and Pods have their own Beaver Themer extensions.

Beaver Themer - The Good

The HTML output is relatively clean and lean which helps to keep the site performant.
Support is good and there is an active community.
Beaver Builder is oft cited for stability, which is a boon for those offering care plans.
Using Themer you can create header, footer, 404, search, and other templates, not just content templates.
Beaver Themer is GPL licensed.

Beaver Themer - The Bad

New features are released infrequently.
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