David McCan - Anthropologist, programmer, site builder, and WordPress enthusiast.

I also create WordPress reviews, walk-throughs and tutorials at WebTNG and Elementor360.

WPDynamicData is a project of WebTNG

Welcome. This website focuses on WordPress and working with dynamic data, including Custom Post Types, custom fields, and related topics and tools.

As a programmer I appreciate the power of data-driven websites. When I started working with WordPress I quickly discovered that while there was core support for Custom Post Types and custom fields, there was no built-in user interface for creating them. Further, WordPress doesn't output custom fields by default. Some programming or theme building is required to make it all work.

The rich and varied WordPress plugin ecosystem provides many tools for working with dynamic data. They each do things differently and have their own strengths, weaknesses, and trade-offs. Navigating the field can be a challenge, and I hope this sight helps you explore the options and choose your solution.